Southpaw by the Numbers

Southpaw Insights has had an exciting year of growth, adventure, and research.

Rear view of a group of diverse woman friends walking together

To celebrate, I want to share a labor of love that I’ve worked on with three other women-owned businesses over the past year.

Spotlight on a Survey About a Critical Issue

The closest I’ve come to 15 minutes of fame was getting a note published in the City Room section of the New York Times on Election Day, 2008.

My Biggest Culture Shock Ever – And What it Means for Your Research

When I worked in research for public relations agencies, it was pretty typical for an account team to send a survey out to the office to get input on something (like a campaign idea or a tagline) that they were working on for a pitch or even for an existing client.

College Students Teamwork Stacking Hand Concept

One of the things lefties are known for is being awesome at “divergent thinking,” or looking at different ways to solve a problem.

Moderating Tips Learned at the Bar

I’m always looking for parallels between my research life and my non-research life. Just as playing the ukulele made me a better report writer and ordering decaf coffee influenced my questionnaire

Just Released: A Survey With Legs!

When I worked in research at PR agencies, we often talked about a study having “legs,” meaning it could be presented in different ways and get a lot of media

What a Street Salesman Can Teach You About Knowing Your Customer

This is my neighbor, L. He’s a born salesman who scavenges things people have thrown out (not hard, since leaving items you don’t want any more on your stoop is

Southpaws and Snowblowers

My parents (pictured here in 1966, the year they got married) don’t live in a part of the country where snowblowers are standard issue, but last year my dad got

Does Your Research Use All Five Senses?

One of my favorite clients is a large retailer that hires me for “shop-along” research: walking through the store with customers and asking about their observations and experience. Basically I get

How Learning the Ukulele Helped Me Think About Presenting Information

As part of my personal Alzheimer’s prevention program, I’ve added ukulele lessons to my life. In addition to now being able to play both “Sea of Love” and “Hallelujah,” I

America, I Love You, But…

….please be aware of how you present research results in the news. Happy Election Day! In the spirit of our great democracy, I wanted to share a few articles I’ve

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