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I’ve blogged in the past about recent projects I’ve done, but today I wanted to share an incomplete list of types of clients I’d like to work for. Sometimes just putting these things out in the world (or on the Internet) makes them happen!

1. International work: As a Returned Peace Corps volunteer and current world traveler, I have no fear of jet lag or cultural differences. I would be delighted with a short- to medium-term gig (3 days to 3 months) doing survey design and administration (any topic, any methodology) in Latin America or Lusophone Africa.

2.  PR research: I “made my bones” in this business working in the research arm of PR agencies.  From quick publicity surveys to larger thought leadership studies to key opinion leader interviews, smart communications practitioners love research, and I love smart communications practitioners!

3.  Social service/ non-profit evaluations: One of my favorite clients, the Osborne Association, has hired me for the past two years to do evaluations of their program for HIV+ folks who have recently been released from prison. (I wrote a piece about it here.) I use internal data, staff interviews, and participant focus groups to tell Osborne and their funder how they’re doing and how they can change this amazing program to make it even better. I adore working with people and organizations who are making some corner of the world better.

Coming next week: Research methodologies I’d like to work in!