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Last week I shared the beginning of my research wish list, mostly focusing on types of clients I’d like to have.  I want to continue the list this week with a list of methodologies I’d like to work in more.

1.  In-person focus groups: I’m a focus group moderator and a proud member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, and at every event I go to, people warn me that in-person qual is dying. I don’t believe it. I’m a huge fan of online qual, but there are things you can’t get in an online bulletin board or even an online video chat.Facial expressions, side conversations, and body language can tell a huge piece of any story. Some groups just aren’t as comfortable participating in online research.  If in-person groups are dying, they’ll go out kicking and screaming.

2.  Online qualitative: As loyal as I am to focus group facilities and their omnipresent bowls of M&Ms, there are some great new tools available that I would love to use for a project.  My fellow New Orleanian Jim Longo has started a cool company called AnswerTap, where a panel of people ready and willing to do video interviews lets researchers do quick, effective qual.

3.  Telephone interviewer training: My dissertation was on telephone interviewers’ vocal and speech characteristics. Every time I present this work, I’m approached by call center owners and managers who are so excited and want me to apply my findings to their interviewer training. I’m still hoping one of these collaborations will happen.

There you have it, folks. I’m putting my wishes out in the world with the hope that this will make some of them come true!