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I set 14 work goals for 2014. Here’s how I’m doing:

Make more money than last year—and make money every month. So far, so good.

Work for at least 5 existing clients. I did small projects for 2 existing clients this quarter, and have 2 others in the proposal stage.

Get 5 new clients: at least 1 non-profit and 1 in New Orleans. I started a client satisfaction survey for a local financial planner, and have a project with another new client starting next week.

Do at least one international project. No leads on this yet.

Do at least 5 qualitative projects. None yet. I’ve proposed a bulletin board project to an existing client and some cognitive interviews to another.

Do 3 pro bono projects.  I consulted on survey design and data interpretation for a community barter network in NYC—which led to a (paid) teaching gig!

Work in one sector I’ve never worked in. I cold-emailed 80 (!) museum development departments to suggest member/ donor research, but nothing has come of it yet.

Teach in at least 2 forums. I gave a talk to students in a design class at the New School. I was approached by a market research company wanting some training for their staff, and I’m also trying to amp up attendance in my Questionnaire Design Boot Camp.

Q1 Roundup Progress Towards my 14 GoalsVisit 2 countries for a month each. I’m tied to New Orleans through May because I’m coaching a Girls on the Run team, then heading to Ann Arbor to teach for the month of July. Travel will wait till the fall.

Attend at least one training. I have been investigating moderator trainings at Riva—the one I really want to do is offered in June.

Blog every week. FAIL! I was doing great for a month or so, but the flu, Mardi Gras, and client work derailed me. Back on track now!

Publish at least 1 academic paper. No word from the Journal of Official Statistics on my revision, but I just approved the copyedited version of my paper for Field Methods, which should be published in early 2015.

Attend at least one conference. I’m headed to Portland next week for Pioneer Nation, a cool gathering of freelancers and entrepreneurs. So excited!

Find a professional mentor. So-so. I connected with someone I would like to have as a mentor, but I’m not sure she’s up for it. Any candidates out there?