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This piece about putting¬†a¬†toddler to bed in 100 easy steps has been making the rounds lately, and it makes me think about the process I’ve been going through with a few clients…

  1. Finish project.
  2. Send invoice.
  3. Client returns invoice, requesting different address/ additional code/ different font size.
  4. Edit invoice.
  5. Re-send invoice.
  6. Wait.
  7. Follow up with client.
  8. Learn that invoice is “being processed.” Yay.
  9. Wait.
  10. Follow up with client. Remind client of my “net 30” policy.
  11. Learn that invoice was never actually processed. Whoops.
  12. Accept client’s apologies.
  13. Thank client for putting a rush on my invoice.
  14. Wait.
  15. Follow up with client.
  16. Learn that invoice was sent to wrong address. Whoops 2.0.
  17. Wait.
  18. Receive payment (at which point I have completely forgotten what the project was).
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