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I like to give my loyal readers occasional updates of all my exciting activities and adventures in the research trenches…


  • I’ve been in Ann Arbor, Michigan this summer, teaching a class in Questionnaire Design.
  • I’m also working with two of my most beloved professors, managing their MOOC on the same topic. Basically I can’t get enough of designing questionnaires.
  • I’m still making time for client work: I’m getting ready to field two employee surveys for different pharmaceutical clients, as well as consulting on the recruitment materials for a survey of people receiving unemployment insurance in California.
  • I spent a few days over the last two weeks on the road with a client, doing pre-tests for a survey they are about to field among multiple sclerosis patients. I conducted 12 1-on-1 interviews with people who have MS, hearing all about their lives and their medications.
  • I have lots of exciting new business opportunities in the pipeline, including a big corporate reputation study for another pharma company and a small customer survey for a gluten-free bakery.

In my spare time, I’m going to a wedding at one of my favorite Detroit restaurants and training for a triathlon!

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