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Every time I talk to someone who only sees me on Facebook, they say some variation of the same thing: “Your life looks amazing! I can tell your business is going really well!” Both of these things are true, but I recently realized that, just like many people, I “curate” my Facebook updates to show the sunny side of the street. Here are a few status updates that make things look a little less rosy…

  1. Beautiful sunny day. Here I am writing a questionnaire about hemorrhoids.
  2. I had seventeen meetings last month and none of them led to work.
  3. A client yelled at me this morning.
  4. Dispatch from the Dominican Republic: There’s a music festival in town. I had to take a client call in the bathroom (quietest place I could find).
  5. It’s Easter Sunday and my client has a crisis I have to deal with.
  6. I outsourced some data entry to a fellow freelancer and she went MIA. I stayed up all night doing it myself.
  7. A project I was counting on fell through.
  8. I still haven’t been paid for a gig I did 3 months ago.
  9. I woke up at 4AM in Atlanta, flew to LA, and moderated three back to back focus groups. I’ve now been awake for 21 hours.
  10. Putting the loca in location independent: Traveling in the Dominican Republic and there’s no wi-fi in the town we wanted to visit. Had to backtrack three hours to a different town and hole up in a too-expensive hotel to meet deadlines.
  11. I spent six hours on conference calls today.
  12. Client lost my invoice. Oops.
  13. Writing a report. Happy birthday to me.
  14. It’s tax day. Don’t even talk to me.

So yes, my life and work are wonderful, but even wonderful has off days. Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook.

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