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I like to give an overview of my work every now and then, just to remind everyone how interesting it is! Here are the projects I’m working on right now:

  • Writing a survey of current and former employees who are bringing a suit against a popular retail store. My client is the law firm– quite a change from working with PR agencies!
  • Conducting telephone interviews with internal (employees) and external (doctors and patients) stakeholders of a pharmaceutical company.
  • Improving the annual survey that a non-profit organization conducts with their partners (social service agencies in the Los Angeles area).
  • Conducting 1-on-1 user experience interviews with computer users, where I talk them through the experience of using a new a operating system. I did 41 (!) of these in Chicago over the weekend and was in LA today to do 12 more.
  • Analyzing survey results for a cable TV network that is thinking about making some changes to their programming.

Beyond client projects, I’ve been…

  • Talking to MBA students at the University of New Orleans about life in research. (I don’t think I scared them…)
  • Attending the QRCA conference– 3 amazing, informative, inspiring days with qualitative researchers from all over the world.
  • Planning a 2-month stay in Buenos Aires next year!
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