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Compared to a lot of people, I’m pretty organized. I always invoice on time (and pay on time). I never miss meetings or deadlines. I know where everything is. But compared to my mom, I’m an order amateur.

My mom has an alphabetized spice drawer and eight photo albums full of chronologically ordered pictures. When I was growing up, we never ran out of milk, toilet paper, or clean socks. My mom was on time for absolutely everything, knew where to buy absolutely anything (usually on sale, with a coupon) and created a computerized car pool schedule– in 1982. My mom believes in systems and planning and “a place for everything and everything in its place.” The Container Store is her idea of heaven.

So it should be no surprise that when I need help getting shoeboxes of receipts, unwieldy filing systems,  or an impossible calendar under control, my mom is the first one I call. With a loving but firm hand, she can whip any situation into shape. The love for order that she’s given to me has helped me in countless ways, in my business and my life.

It’s my mom’s birthday this week. I’m not buying her a present (she hates clutter), but I’m sending her so much love and gratitude.

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