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I set some goals for the year last January and tracked my progress every quarter (here, here, and here!). Now it’s time for the year-end review of progress against my 14 goals.

1. Make more money than last year –> SUCCESS! This was my best year yet. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

2. Work for at least 5 existing clients –> SUCCESS! I had 6 clients this year who had given me business in other years.

3. Work for at least 5 new clients, including at least one non-profit and one local New Orleans client. → SEMI-SUCCESS. I had 11 new clients this year, including 2 non-profits, but no New Orleans clients.

4. Teach in at least 2 forums.–> SUCCESS! I taught at the University of Michigan Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques (and got invited back for this summer!). I also gave online talks for Caribbean Evaluators International and OurGoods, and my Skillshare class, Questionnaire Design Boot Camp, continued.

5. Visit 2 new countries for a month each.–> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I did spend a week in Mexico, and I’m currently in Argentina for a month, but I definitely need more international travel in my life in 2015.

6. Do at least one international project.–> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I did 2 projects that involved a lot of international phone and Skype interviews (including a call to Paris on July 4th…) but didn’t get to travel anywhere exotic.

7. Do at least three qualitative projects.–>SUCCESS! In fact, I did 6! One of my biggest successes for the year, as I really wanted to do more qual.

8. Attend at least one training.–> SUCCESS! I learned a ton at RIVA training for working moderators in September.

9. Blog every week!--> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I missed a few weeks, but still did better than ever before.

10. Publish at least 1 academic paper.--> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. I have a paper under review at the Journal of Official Statistics, but I don’t think I’ll hear before the end of the year. I did, however publish this piece in the Marketing Research Association’s magazine.

11. Do 3 pro bono projects.–> SUCCESS! I helped two friends with survey design, and did a small project for OurGoods.

12. Work in one sector I’ve never worked in.–> SUCCESS! I made forays into user experience, gaming, and fashion research

13. Attend at least one conference.–> SUCCESS! I had a great time meeting other solopreneurs at Pioneer Nation and was totally lit up by QRCA.

14. Find a professional mentor–> NEEDS IMPROVEMENT. Still working on this.

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