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urban stationWhat I do: I tell stories with data. I collect information using surveys, interviews, and focus groups, and then I help companies and organizations make smart decisions based on what people are saying, doing, and thinking.

Most of the time (unless I’m teaching or doing in-person groups), I can work anywhere in the world– all I need is good wifi.

My only “must-haves” are my Macbook Air 11″ and an unlocked iPhone 5S, though I have a few “really-nice-to-haves:” noise canceling phone headset, iPad Air, and a Moleskine notebook and pen (I’m very attached to my Moleskines.). Here are a few snaps of places I’ve worked recently:

This is a cool coworking space I use in Buenos Aires sometimes, Urban Station. I love coworking spaces (not only because they’re good for my work) and have used them in New Orleans, Bangkok, New York, and San Francisco. Coworking is a great option for digital nomads: you get to be around other people, the wifi is always fast, there’s free coffee, and it’s usually a good volume for doing phone calls (unlike most coffee shops). Also unlike a coffee shop, I can leave my laptop on a desk and go to the bathroom– HUGE bonus.

mexico workIn Mexico last fall, I didn’t find a good co-working space, and most of the coffee shops were either loud or had unreliable wifi (or both). Luckily, I was staying in the loveliest air bnb, which had not only lightning-fast wifi but this huge desk.

But sometimes, there are days when options seem limited. The power was out at my house, the wifi at the coffee shop mysteriously died, and I had a deadline for a client fast approaching. I went to the library (usually a good wifi source) and they were CLOSED. So I parked myself on the steps, picked up the signal, and got my report in to the client. (This, by the way, happened in New Orleans. Go, team USA.)

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