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I like to think of myself as a giver: I’m giving my clients information they didn’t have before, information they can use to make smarter decisions. Here are a few ways I’ve used research to help clients make well-informed decisions lately:

  • A law firm working on a class action suit against a bank wanted to know how many hours of unpaid overtime employees were working. We invited over 800 of the bank’s employees to a survey about their work schedules — and got responses that the firm think will let them settle the case.
  • A social service agency retains me as their program evaluator. I looked at records of all their program participants over the past 4 years to answer the question “How can we keep people in the program?” The data let me create a profile of the “ideal client,” as well as a road map to the combination of services the agency can offer that is most likely to lead to program completion.
  • An outdoor company wanted to understand how it could become a “go to” for footwear. Focus groups with the target uncovered four white spaces in the outdoor footwear area– spaces my client can fill with new innovations.

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