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Here’s a riddle for you on this August morning. What do these two people have in common?

Jill is the CEO of a small but growing company that makes buckets. She’s a smart business person, so she’s always trying to make informed decisions rather than just going with her gut. Jill needs to know how consumers use her buckets, what ads resonate with them, how she can get more media coverage about her company, and so much more.

Jack runs a social service agency helping people get up their own personal hills. He’s always hustling for money– and before anyone will give it to him, they want to see how effective he’s been. How many people has he served? What kind of outcomes have they had? How is Jack adjusting his services to meet his clients’ needs? Jack knows that his program is working– but he needs numbers to back it up.

So what is it that Jack and Jill have in common? They both need research!!!

In fact, everyone needs research– probably including you!

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