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We’ve all heard the adage “when one door closes, another one opens,” but I always thought of this in terms of breakups, not clients. Last week I shared the story of a client who canceled their project after 5 months of hurry up and wait. And while I was pretty unruffled by the cancellation, I DID want to find other gigs so I could stay afloat during the long, cold fall.

Less than 24 hours after the “sorry not sorry” email canceling the big project, I got not one but TWO new projects: one who had also been hurry-up-and-waiting for a few months and that I had been sure was never going to go live, and another one that came out of the blue from someone I’ve collaborated with in the past. Neither is a glamorous subject (life insurance and GMOs), but both are location independent so I can spend the next few months flitting back and forth between New York and Ann Arbor.

Hooray for open doors!

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