Three Ways I Let My Clients Know I Love Them

I’ve written before about what my clients do that make me love them— but here are a few things I do to demonstrate how much I adore my clients and want to be of service to them.

I get to know their business. The better I understand a client’s business, the more helpful I can be. If they have a unique business model, if a restructuring is underway, if their communications have to adhere to certain guidelines– I want to know about it. I want to understand who the various players in the organization are, and what keeps each of them up at night. I encourage clients to tell me anything they can think of– even if it doesn’t seem relevant to the research at hand– and I keep copious notes, which I’m constantly going back to for help guiding my work.

I get to know them. I also really like getting to know my clients as people: what makes them tick? What’s important to them OUTSIDE the office? I love being location independent, but when I am in the same city as a client or prospective client, I go out of my way to meet them for lunch, coffee, or even just a 10-minute chat in their office. I really love these face-to-face meetings– and I’m sure they help me win (and keep) clients.

I send sugar!! One of my favorite times of the year is the holiday season, when I send all current clients a selection of treats from

wherever I’ve been that year. Here’s last year’s New Orleans gift bucket:

I know it’s not even Halloween, but I’m already planning this December’s gifts. They’re going to be delicious!

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