Going a Little Deeper on What Consumers Want

My clients often want to ask people questions like, “Do you like this product?” “Is this ad credible?” “Would you take this off the shelf or take some action if you saw this?” These lines of questioning are all well and good, but I try to push my clients to go beyond the obvious and understand people’s deeper needs.

I just did a small study about consumer desires and came up with a few ideas any consumer-facing business could use to frame their offerings…

In an overstretched world, people need to maximize their personal ROI: We all know the concept of Return on Investment in business—what you get back for what you’ve put in. People want this for themselves, too. My study found that 68% of Millennials feel like they’re “on a hamster wheel— not making the best use of my time, energy, or money.” How can your company help consumers feel that their efforts will pay off?

Everyone wants a staff: The other day I heard someone say, “Of course that celebrity looks great. I’d look like that too if I had a trainer, a chef, and a stylist!” My study revealed that people want their own personal entourage: 71% of Millennials wish they had a team of people to guide them. Can you offer this kind of hand holding so your customers feel well cared for?

Offer curated information: We’re all overwhelmed by information coming at us from all directions—but 3 in 4 consumers feel that not having the best and most relevant information is keeping them from meeting their goals. What information can you provide that will make people trust you as THE reliable source?

How can these ideas help your company connect more deeply with consumers?

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Founder of Southpaw Insights