What I’ve Been up to

It’s been a busy few weeks, but I’m glad to be sneaking in under the wire with my once a month blog post! I’ve had such a great range of projects lately, including…

Persona development for a pharmaceutical company, helping them to target messages to distinct groups of consumers based on attitudinal differences. They were impressed that I mapped consumers based on a variable I called “gumption,” a word I now can’t get enough of.

Frozen pizza taste tests with 7- to 10-year-olds and their moms. Best line: “This pizza tastes like a garbage can!”

Nationwide Millennial survey about what they think world will look like in 50 years. As a proud X-er, I know they’re the generation everyone loves to hate, but like it or not, the influence that they (and their wallets) have is no joke.

In-home friend groups, in Spanish, about toilet paper. Everybody’s favorite thing to talk about!

Multi-stage research program developing a marketing plan for an art museum. I’m collaborating on this one with a dear friend who happens to be a brilliant marketing strategist, and we got to spend an entire day walking around the museum and getting to know their staff.

I hope at least one of these project descriptions makes you think, “Hmmm….my organization could really use something like that!” and that you contact me to talk about how research can help answer your business questions!



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