Just Released: A Survey With Legs!

When I worked in research at PR agencies, we often talked about a study having “legs,” meaning it could be presented in different ways and get a lot of media pick-up. One of my favorite ways to get clients a lot of bang for their buck is an omnibus or shared cost survey. Asking a few questions among a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Americans, and cutting the data by age, gender, income, and more can lead to a lot of good stories.

A study I worked on called The Self Promotion Gap has just been released, and, while we only asked seven questions, there are all kinds of stories we can tell with these data. Just a sampling:

• While both women AND men are inspired by hearing women talk about their accomplishments, most women would rather downplay their own successes. (Lesson learned: Self promotion can be an altruistic act.)

African American women are significantly more comfortable than their white and Latina counterparts, and moms are significantly more comfortable than non-moms,  talking about their accomplishments  (Thank you, #blackgirlmagic and #proudmamamoment!)

• One in three Millennial women would rather go to the dentist than talk about themselves. (I can’t relate. There is not much I like less than going to the dentist.)

Not only am I fascinated by these findings, I’m really excited that we were able to make a minimal investment and get wide-reaching results that will resonate with a lot of audiences! Legs, indeed!

If you’re interested in talking about how a small survey can have a big reach, contact us!

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