Happy Lefthanders Day!

One of the things lefties are known for is being awesome at “divergent thinking,” or looking at different ways to solve a problem. Our team at Southpaw Insights (all honorary lefties!) has a huge range of experiences and extracurricular interests– and I think that’s part of what makes us such great researchers!

Raeka and I came up together as junior researchers in a PR agency before she went to work on the research supplier side at Nielsen. Rae sees the human side of everyone AND manages to apply her stats degree from Syracuse to put rigor behind our findings. She also leads her daughters’ Girl Scout troops– hopefully grooming the next generation of researchers!

Jordan was trained as a lawyer before transitioning to research at Conde Nast and Macy’s. In addition to her sharp logical mind, she’s fearlessly making her way in the acting world in NYC.

When Sidney isn’t hiking and camping in the Colorado mountains, she shows off her amazing combination of skills: a smart analytical mind AND an incredible ability to visualize data. She makes charts sing and dance and takes all our work to the next level.

I’ve only known Kathy for a few months, but she immediately struck me as someone I needed in my business and in my life. She’s worked as an event planner and lives in rural Minnesota, so we know she’s resourceful; Kathy gets things done and keeps all the trains running on time.

Ted lives between North Carolina and Spain, so he also gives us the “outside of NYC” perspective, as well as adding some testosterone to our team. Years of playing rugby, as well as coaching women’s collegiate rugby and girls’ soccer, gave him the skills needed to keep our vendors working hard for us, and he always knows how to solve a sticky sampling or fielding problem.

Julia, a former filmmaker with an English degree from Yale, is also a highly skilled teacher of Buddhist meditation. She has a calm wisdom that puts everyone –respondents, clients, and even me!–  at ease.

As you can see, we are quite a motley crew! I’m thrilled to have a team who are so fully engaged with the world and who let their interests and perspectives seep into their work.

Have research questions for our amazing ambidextrous team? Contact us!

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