Lemonade for You on Our 1st Birthday


Today marks the one-year anniversary of my solo act as Jessica Broome Research coming to an end, and the assembling of the amazing team that has become Southpaw Insights. To say the least, none of us anticipated the world we find ourselves in at this singular moment in time. 

On the upside, as a virtual team we are already accustomed to working from home and so have adapted seamlessly to this new and unsettling time of social distancing. But there have been some considerable challenges for us, as there have been for everyone.  

So even though life seems to have given us all only lemons right now, the Southpaw Insights team has decided to “make lemonade.” We looked to what we had to offer: the ability to conduct thoughtful, insightful research to help you understand what people are thinking, feeling, and doing in the first few weeks of the crisis.  We quickly conducted a small study of our own. In a nationally representative survey of 1,000 Americans, we found that, while uncertainty is a top concern, 57% agree that “I think some good might come of this.” We followed this up with a 3-day online community of 17 people around the country, who talked to us about how they were preparing for the coronavirus, what challenges they faced, and what they think the future holds.

And though, of course, there are lots of folks doing good research right now on the topic, by combining both survey and qualitative methodologies (our specialty!), we think we can offer an especially deep and nuanced portrait understanding of how Americans are affected by the early weeks of this crisis.

We’ll be rolling out the findings from our study over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to get our insights on:

  • The human experience: concerns, regrets, and daily routine
  • Communications preferences 
  • Americans’ predictions on how this will impact our lives


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