The Elegance and Function of an Omnibus Survey


The Sand is Shifting Beneath Our Feet

You’re at the beach, standing shin-deep in the surf. A wide wave rolls in, and you feel the sand start to give under your heels. As the wave rolls out, you feel it start to collapse — under your heels, then the arch, then the toes — and boom, your stance is readjusted. You’re literally on new ground.

That’s what’s happening right now—the sand is shifting beneath us. We can feel it as the wave rolls in, but what’s going to happen when the wave recedes? That’s what you need to know.

What’s going to happen this summer? This fall?

There’s a way to figure that out: surveys. To find out where you’re going, you have to first find out where you are. Where your customers are. Where consumers are, right now.

With this information — and discovering how people are feeling about the future — you can plan your next moves, intelligently. And a fast, cost-effective way to do this is through an omnibus survey.

Why Omnibus?

Precision: You can ask 1,000 US adults in a national survey precise questions and find out exactly what you need to know— their concerns for the future, their shifting shopping habits, their spending plans for this summer. Whatever you need to know.

Cost: Since the questions are pooled by different players, the expenses are also dispersed, and you can get exactly what you need without paying the high upfront cost of a custom survey.

Speed: As soon as one week after finalizing questions, we’ll have results — complete with demographic breakouts, and all formatted and analyzed for you.

Contact Us so we can help you figure out where things are now and where they’re headed– before this wave rolls back out. 

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