Minding the Gap: A Speaker Series

This summer, Southpaw joined forces with Gazelle Global and Zebra Strategies to conduct research about how Americans are being impacted by the pandemic and racial reckoning sweeping the country. We collaborated with WiRE (Women in Research) to produce a 4-part speaker series about our work.

It was so exciting to share the screen with some great thinkers and doers. Links to each panel are below — please give them a listen!

Measure the Gap with Jeffrey Escoffier, NYC Department of Health and Ola Mobolade, Kantar: Peeling back the layers of new data, to expose underreported origins of racial and socioeconomic disparities. 

Mining the Gap with Carol Watson, EVP and Managing Director, Inclusion and Diversity and Judy Jackson, Global Head of Culture, WPP: Amplifying overlooked voices for a more inclusive path to sustainable solutions. 

Mind the Gap with Amy Gomez, SVP, Diversity Strategy, Klick Health: Holding institutions, organizations, and corporations accountable long after the news cycle changes.

Close the Gap with Roslyn Daniels, President and Founder, Black Health Matters: Forging a clear path to tangible, sustainable solutions. 

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