Case Study

Optimizing Campaign Creative in Brand Repositioning

In the bustling landscape of the bakery industry, every brand carries its own unique flavor—a distinct personality that sets it apart in the hearts and minds of consumers. For the American corporate arm of a multinational bakery product manufacturing company, the acquisition of a frozen bagel brand presented an enticing opportunity for revitalization. Once a beacon of vibrancy in the breakfast aisle, this brand had gradually faded from prominence, its once-bold personality dulled by the passage of time. Now, armed with ambition and innovation, the company set out on a quest to reinvigorate the brand and reignite consumer interest.

The Problem
The American corporate arm of a multinational bakery product manufacturing company wanted to understand how to reposition a recent acquisition: a frozen bagel brand that had once had a vibrant brand personality but that over recent decades had somewhat lost its luster. They wanted to understand which of three different branding campaigns could help revitalize the brand and provide a compelling reason to purchase.

Our Approach
We conducted a 20-minute online survey among a sample of 1,000 brand and category purchasers to evaluate different brand concepts and creative campaign elements. Using a monadic survey approach, our goal was to understand reactions to the central “big idea territory,” the relative appeal of each of the three concepts/executions, motivation to purchase, and opportunities for improvement. 

The Solution
Findings helped to identify the elements that worked well across the three campaigns and narrowed the consumer target base to three key segments. Our client learned, however, that none of the three campaigns were quite yet “ready for prime time.” In order to develop a compelling brand personality for the brand, its creative team strengthened the RTBs and combined the creative elements that received the highest survey ratings to rework the campaign and thereby establish a unique point of difference. 

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