Case Study

Influencing Consumers’ Attitudes Toward Food

In the heart of the bustling grocery aisle, amidst a myriad of choices, one staple faced a concerning decline in consumer favor—the humble canned bean. As a category leader in the realm of pantry essentials, the company watched with growing unease as consumption and interest faded. Faced with the challenge of revitalizing interest in their beloved product, they recognized the need for a strategic intervention—a campaign that would not only educate but inspire consumers to rediscover the numerous benefits of canned beans.

The Problem
For the category leader, the decline in canned bean consumption rang alarm bells, signaling a potential shift in consumer preferences or perceptions. As they delved into the root causes of this troubling trend, they confronted a multifaceted challenge. Amidst the cacophony of health trends and dietary fads, the nutritional value and versatility of canned beans risked being overshadowed. In order to reverse the tide of decline, the company needed to develop a targeted communications campaign that would not only educate consumers about the health benefits of canned beans but also reignite their passion for this pantry staple.

Our Approach
With a commitment to informed decision-making, the company embarked on a journey of discovery, leveraging the power of data to guide their strategic endeavors. In 2020, they conducted a comprehensive baseline national survey among consumers and dietitians, aiming to benchmark key metrics and glean insights into perceptions surrounding canned beans. Through this meticulous approach, they sought to uncover the barriers inhibiting consumption and identify opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Armed with a wealth of insights, the company embarked on a year-long campaign, meticulously crafted to highlight the health benefits and culinary versatility of canned beans. From engaging social media content to educational resources for consumers and professionals alike, every facet of the campaign was designed to foster a deeper connection between consumers and this beloved pantry staple.

The Solution

Two years later, as the dust settled and the echoes of their campaign lingered in the air, the company surveyed the landscape before them with a sense of satisfaction and pride. Their efforts had borne fruit, manifesting in a tangible increase in consumption and awareness of the health benefits of beans. Through a 2022 tracking survey, they documented significant upticks in both consumption rates and consumer awareness, validating the efficacy of their strategic approach.

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