Case Study

Moving From Addiction to Hope

In a state grappling with the pervasive challenges of addiction, a government office tasked with overseeing addiction services faced a daunting question: how could they improve their communications and marketing so that they could improve and save more lives in this community?

The Problem
The office recognized the critical need to foster a genuine connection with state residents. However, they lacked the understanding required to craft communication strategies that would resonate authentically. To find a solution, they hired a creative agency take on the challenge. But the creative agency knew that they needed to have a clear understanding of the attitudes of the community towards substance use, perceptions of existing prevention programs, and reactions to potential media campaigns. Without this understanding, their efforts risked falling short of effectively engaging and motivating their target audience. To get those clear insights, they enlisted the help of the Southpaw team.

Our Approach
Southpaw crafted a comprehensive plan to dive into the heart of the community’s sentiments. Understanding the importance of firsthand experiences, we organized ten 60-minute focus groups. These groups comprised youth aged 12-17 and parents, strategically selected from both urban and rural areas of the state. To ensure a comfortable environment for discussing a sensitive topic, the groups were conducted in both English and Spanish, to cover the diverse groups that make up the landscape of the community.

The Solution
Through the focus groups, Southpaw gained invaluable perspectives on the intricacies of substance use within the community. Southpaw delivered this knowledge the creative agency, enabling their creative team to craft substance use prevention campaigns that transcended mere “marketing speak.” The campaigns tapped into the emotional core of their audience, employing tone, visuals, and messaging that resonated deeply with both youth and parents. These campaigns were not just advertisements; they were narratives that spoke to the very essence of the community’s struggles and aspirations.

The impact of Southpaw Insights’ work was profound and far-reaching. There was a notable shift in community engagement with harm reduction and prevention programs. Youth and parents alike felt seen and understood, fostering a sense of trust and connection with the agency’s initiatives. As the campaigns rolled out, the agency received positive feedback, affirming their effectiveness in sparking meaningful conversations and driving positive behavioral change. Through their collaboration with Southpaw Insights, the creative agency and the government office had not only unlocked the key to effective communication but had also paved the way for tangible progress within the community.

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