Case Study

Hearing From Women On Birth Control Access

In the realm of women’s health and family planning, the journey to access birth control is not just a matter of logistics—it’s a deeply personal and emotional odyssey. Recognizing the significance of this journey, our client, a champion of women’s rights and empowerment, embarked on a quest to understand the barriers that women face in accessing birth control. Committed to becoming a reliable ally in the lives of women, they sought not only to quantify the landscape but also to delve into the rich tapestry of emotions that color women’s experiences in navigating this vital aspect of their reproductive health.

The Problem
Our client wanted to learn about women’s barriers to birth control access. They also sought a deeper understanding of something that transcends numbers and data points: feelings. Committed to becoming a reliable ally of women, our client knew that they needed to understand the emotions that are prevalent in women’s journeys of life and family planning.

Our Approach
To quantify the landscape around women and birth control, we conducted an online survey of 1,200 women 18-34, which allowed us to compare and contrast age groups, races, and regions. To understand in more depth the barriers women face in accessing birth control, we conducted qualitative research that focused on the emotions that are with women every step of the way. A three-day online community provided a supportive mechanism for young women to connect, and allowed us to get past the “what”, “when” and “why” and learn what comes after statements like “I felt…”

The Solution
SPI’s research gave our client a holistic view of what getting birth control is really like, from more tangible issues around knowledge, access and cost – to the intense and sometimes difficult emotions that color these experiences. Our client gained the understanding needed to create a campaign that celebrates and empowers women to feel good about their birth control decisions. In addition, respondent testimonials demonstrated that community and support are important when it comes to this personal topic:

“Birth control is a really scary topic at this time in our country, and it’s been really interesting to be able to discuss it in a safe environment during this study. I’m really grateful to be able to talk to people in an environment like this, where our experiences are being considered and listened to in a genuine and thoughtful way, and not just in the dismissive context that so many of us have experienced when discussing this issue with the people around us in our lives.” – Julianne

“I loved this study, it made me open up about a topic I was uncomfortable to talk about.”
– Sheraelyn

Check out the full report here: Birth Control Study

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