The 3 Cs of Innovation: Focus for the Fuzzy Front End

Innovation White Space model.

The 3 Cs framework is a foundational tool that I learned in business school, and was a mnemonic device that I found useful in strategy and marketing classes to evaluate case studies and solve problems. It’s simple, yet it effectively helps you cover your bases when thinking through the levers to pull or gaps to […]

Community-Engaged Tips for Collaborating with Hard-to-Reach Audiences

At its core, research is about giving all kinds of people the opportunity to have their experiences heard. But in practice, some groups of people are easier to talk to than others. Many groups are considered “hard to reach” because they have been systemically marginalized: economically, socially, and politically. We know that communities are “hard […]

[Video] Southpaw Snack: It’s like Mashed Potatoes

Image of cooked mashed potatoes.

How can a survey of 1000 people accurately reflect the sentiments of an entire nation? It’s a question we’ve studied extensively, and we’ve found a simple yet profound way to explain this concept—one that involves a humble yet beloved Thanksgiving side dish: mashed potatoes. Picture this: you’re in the kitchen, facing the perennial dilemma of […]

[Video] Combining Qual & Quant

Image of Hannah Kaplan explaining quantitative and quantitative research.

Combining qualitative and quantitative research is a dynamic approach that allows us to uncover insights that are both statistically robust and emotionally resonant—a true win-win. Quantitative research forms the backbone of our work, enabling us to survey large sample sizes and derive insights that can be generalized to the broader population. For example, did you […]

A Present For You on Our Fourth Birthday

Happy birthday to us! On April 1, 2019, I took my 10-year-old solopreneurship, Jessica Broome Research, and turned it into Southpaw Insights.  I’m delighted to have such an amazing team of people to help make Southpaw a great place to work! In honor of our 4th birthday, I want to share a curated assortment of some […]

Omnibus Surveys

Our very own Quiana Cooper Jarrett, the research director extraordinaire, has whipped up something special to demystify the world of omnibus surveys. In this video, Quiana breaks down the nitty-gritty of omnibus surveys—a handy research tool for gathering quantitative data in a cost-effective and timely manner. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good […]

In the Room or on the Zoom?

I read recently that ⅔ of qualitative research is now online, and that feels about right from my experience. Pre-COVID, Zoom groups were not unheard of, but they certainly weren’t the norm; we spent A LOT of time in focus group facilities (and languishing in airports). Now, it’s pretty much the opposite. I wouldn’t say […]

How Using Research and Insights Can Save Your Bacon

We’ve all heard horror stories about companies investing resources in something that turns out to be a flop or just a waste because it wasn’t what people wanted, needed, or understood.  At Southpaw, we help save our clients from debacles like that.   We help our clients understand what people think, feel, and do – so […]

Picture This: How We Visualize Data to Tell Stronger Stories

This is the second in a series of profiles about inspiring folks we love to collaborate with.   The multi-talented Sidney Jansons is a market researcher with a background in design. She enhances her research work with design skills to effectively communicate insights. Sidney has been instrumental in taking Southpaw’s reporting from “blah” to “boom!”, and her own […]