DEI Podcast Episode 4: Southpaw Insights – Diversity in the Work Space

This podcast episode, hosted by Melissa Ethers for the Insights Association North Atlantic chapter, focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the insights community, particularly addressing gender and gender identity. Guests Jessica Broome and Hannah Kaplan, from Southpaw Insights, discuss the importance of DEI in organizational practices and research methodologies, sharing their experiences and perspectives on integrating DEI into market research. The conversation highlights the significance of inclusive and representative approaches in the industry, and how these practices benefit both organizations and diverse communities.

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Innovation White Space model.

The 3 Cs of Innovation: Focus for the Fuzzy Front End

The 3 Cs framework is a foundational tool that I learned in business school, and was a mnemonic device that I found useful in strategy and marketing classes to evaluate case studies and solve problems. It’s simple, yet it effectively...

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