The Power of Partnerships

Over the past few months I’ve had several opportunities to present with some of our favorite longtime clients on the power of partnership. Tiana Badillo, Senior Customer Experience manager at Macy’s, and I gave a talk to research and insights professionals at the QUIRKS Event that we cheekily titled “It Takes Two to Tango: The Benefits of […]

Jessica Broome On Good Surveys, Great Research, The Peace Corps, and Southpaws

Jessica Broome owns Southpaw Insights, a leading team of women-led researchers who have worked with some of the world’s top brands. Jessica has a Ph.D. from Michigan. She’s also worked in the Peace Corps and interviewed people ranging from prison inmates to soccer moms. In this episode, Jessie explains why strategic communicators need to dig […]

What’s the Difference Between an Insight and a Finding?

The term ‘insight’ is thrown around pretty loosely in the research world. To us, an insight is more than just a fact or a finding. Southpaw VP/Chief of Staff Martha Gordon explains: At its most basic, a finding tells you ‘what’, while an insight tells you ‘why’.  An insight is a deeper, intuitive understanding that explains the […]

[Video] Hannah Kaplan Talks LGBTQ Pride Month 2023

Image of Hannah Kaplan for Pride Month 2023

Our very own Hannah Kaplan, a rockstar research associate based in New York City, has a special message to celebrate Pride Month 2023. In her video message, Hannah opens up about their personal journey as a queer non-binary individual. With grace and authenticity, they share what Pride means to them—embracing who you are unapologetically and […]

How Southpaw Navigated 2022

Another year in the books! Check out our 2022 journey below. Spotify Playlist Link             Case Studies Link

Bringing Research to Life with Video

“The video component reminds clients that we’re talking to real people, who are the heart of it all.” –Anya Zadrozny As the founder of AnyaZMedia, Anya is one of Southpaw Insights’ most exuberant and creative collaborators. Anya is a “triple threat” as a videographer, a producer who specializes in video market research and social media, and […]

How it Feels to be Seen

Everyone likes to be seen for who they are, and a brand that makes it easier to be yourself earns a permanent place in people’s hearts. We help companies and organizations really see and understand their audience– whether that’s your employees, your customers, or lefties everywhere.  We’re obsessed with all things left-handed, and this year we […]

The Company We Keep: Bringing Together Big Data and Thick Data

Here at Southpaw, we are lucky to work with all kinds of talented people and fascinating organizations. So, we thought it would be fun to share the love with our readers by occasionally featuring a few of our favorite collaborators. First up is our good friend and fellow Titanium Worldwide member, David Ricciardi. David is the founder and […]