Summer Round-up

How is it the middle of September already?!? Summer is my favorite season and, as usual, it flew by in a whirlwind of sunshine and blueberries. Team Southpaw had a busy summer: Sidney got married (that’s her with her new husband Adam on their wedding day), Jordan and Julia did some socially-distanced traveling, and Kathy’s daughter learned to drive!

We’ve been hard at work on client projects and some other undertakings. Some of the highlights:

1. As usual, we had an eclectic mix of projects; we talked to bagel eaters, IUD-users, supplier diversity professionals, and Alaskan voters, among others! We’re grateful that so many of our clients have been using research to understand their target audiences in this “new normal” we’re living in.

2. After a brief hiatus from in-person qualitative, we were back at it in July with a user experience study, pandemic style. Here’s how we pulled it off.

3. We became a member of Titanium Worldwide, a collective of 14 certified-diverse agencies who have joined forces to offer clients a wide range of services under one umbrella. We’re so excited about this opportunity to partner on larger engagements with a group of awesome agencies who are bold alone, but brilliant together.

4. I taught Questionnaire Design at the University of Michigan Summer Institute in Survey Research Techniques for the 7th summer in a row– but for the first time, it was 100% virtual! My students included physicians, educators, and health researchers, and they all got a taste of the survey design process.

5. Southpaw partnered with Gazelle Global and Zebra Strategies to conduct the “Same Storm, Different Boats” study exploring how Black and white Americans are being impacted by the simultaneous pandemic and racial reckoning that have swept the country in recent months. Our multi-racial, multi-generational team worked with WiRE (Women in Research) to put together a 4-part panel series with guests from the NYC Department of Health, WPP, Black Health Matters, and more (you can see all the series recordings here)!

We’re excited to keep all this momentum going into the fall! We are all living in crazy times right now, but Southpaw Insights is here to help all our clients adapt by giving them a richer understanding of what people think, feel and do.

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