The 3 Cs of Innovation: Focus for the Fuzzy Front End

Innovation White Space model.

The 3 Cs framework is a foundational tool that I learned in business school, and was a mnemonic device that I found useful in strategy and marketing classes to evaluate case studies and solve problems. It’s simple, yet it effectively helps you cover your bases when thinking through the levers to pull or gaps to […]

DEI Podcast Episode 4: Southpaw Insights – Diversity in the Work Space

This podcast episode, hosted by Melissa Ethers for the Insights Association North Atlantic chapter, focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the insights community, particularly addressing gender and gender identity. Guests Jessica Broome and Hannah Kaplan, from Southpaw Insights, discuss the importance of DEI in organizational practices and research methodologies, sharing their experiences and […]

Community-Engaged Tips for Collaborating with Hard-to-Reach Audiences

At its core, research is about giving all kinds of people the opportunity to have their experiences heard. But in practice, some groups of people are easier to talk to than others. Many groups are considered “hard to reach” because they have been systemically marginalized: economically, socially, and politically. We know that communities are “hard […]

[Video] Southpaw Snack: It’s like Mashed Potatoes

Image of cooked mashed potatoes.

How can a survey of 1000 people accurately reflect the sentiments of an entire nation? It’s a question we’ve studied extensively, and we’ve found a simple yet profound way to explain this concept—one that involves a humble yet beloved Thanksgiving side dish: mashed potatoes. Picture this: you’re in the kitchen, facing the perennial dilemma of […]

The Power of Partnerships

Over the past few months I’ve had several opportunities to present with some of our favorite longtime clients on the power of partnership. Tiana Badillo, Senior Customer Experience manager at Macy’s, and I gave a talk to research and insights professionals at the QUIRKS Event that we cheekily titled “It Takes Two to Tango: The Benefits of […]

The Power of Listening

At Southpaw, all our work is centered around listening to people. The power of listening is what got me started in the research field.  Right after college I was in the Peace Corps in Cape Verde, 400 miles off the coast of West Africa. I taught English and ran a women’s fitness group. I had a great […]

[Video] Combining Qual & Quant

Image of Hannah Kaplan explaining quantitative and quantitative research.

Combining qualitative and quantitative research is a dynamic approach that allows us to uncover insights that are both statistically robust and emotionally resonant—a true win-win. Quantitative research forms the backbone of our work, enabling us to survey large sample sizes and derive insights that can be generalized to the broader population. For example, did you […]

Jessica Broome On Good Surveys, Great Research, The Peace Corps, and Southpaws

Jessica Broome owns Southpaw Insights, a leading team of women-led researchers who have worked with some of the world’s top brands. Jessica has a Ph.D. from Michigan. She’s also worked in the Peace Corps and interviewed people ranging from prison inmates to soccer moms. In this episode, Jessie explains why strategic communicators need to dig […]