GI Joe Is a Fan of Research

gi_joeI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: everybody needs research. I love the diversity of companies and topics I get to work on. Lately I’ve done research for professional associations and stores and schools, for ad campaigns and internal decisions and grant applications. 

Here are some recent projects I’ve been working on:

1. A needs assessment survey of decision-makers within social service organizations.

2. Employee research for a major pharmaceutical company to understand how they use their internal intranet.

3. Focus groups with cable TV-watchers about how to improve the home entertainment experience.

4. Surveys of contractors and “do it yourselfers” about their brand choices for roofing shingles and insulation.

5. A survey of hearing aid users to gauge their reactions to different taglines.

6. Data analysis for a criminal justice non-profit to strengthen their case for more funding.

7. A survey of teachers in a Des Moines middle school to assess a teacher training program.

8. In-depth interviews with a professional association’s members to understand what they like about webinars.

9. A survey among consumers about their swimming abilities.

10. A survey of heavy players of the national lotteries in seven countries.

As GI Joe told us, “Knowing is half the battle!” Every organization has questions, and surveys or focus groups are often the way to find out the answers.

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